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GEOID00Total PopulationTotal Male PopulationMale: No schooling completedMale: Nursery to 4th gradeMale: 5th and 6th gradeMale: 7th and 8th gradeMale: 9th gradeMale: 10th gradeMale: 11th gradeMale: 12th grade, no diplomaMale: High school graduate (includes equivalency)Male: Some college, less than 1 yearMale: Some college, 1 or more years, no degreeMale: Associate degreeMale: Bachelor's degreeMale: Master's degreeMale: Professional school degreeMale: Doctorate degreeTotal Female PopulationFemale: No schooling completedFemale: Nursery to 4th gradeFemale: 5th and 6th gradeFemale: 7th and 8th gradeFemale: 9th gradeFemale: 10th gradeFemale: 11th gradeFemale: 12th grade, no diplomaFemale: High school graduate (includes equivalency)Female: Some college, less than 1 yearFemale: Some college, 1 or more years, no degreeFemale: Associate degreeFemale: Bachelor's degreeFemale: Master's degreeFemale: Professional school degreeFemale: Doctorate degreeCounty