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GEOID10Place of WorkSexWorkers 16 Years and overWorkers 16 Years and over (Margin of Error)County
08069Worked outside place of residenceFemale18494818Larimer
08069Worked outside place of residenceMale26460941Larimer
08069Worked in place of residenceFemale359301018Larimer
08069Worked in place of residenceMale363081030Larimer
08069Not living in a placeFemale14545653Larimer
08069Not living in a placeMale16937527Larimer
08069Living in a placeFemale54424969Larimer
08069Living in a placeMale627681187Larimer
08071Worked outside place of residenceFemale503123Las Animas
08071Worked outside place of residenceMale1247169Las Animas