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Find Data helps you identify any data set available in Data Engine to support your work. Use the search options on the left to find data by specific subject matter key words or, by category, or tag. If you don’t find the dataset you are looking for, please visit the FEEDBACK page and suggest the dataset so we can look into including it in the future.

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2000 Census Colorado Gross Rent as Percent of Household Income by Census Tract

date 2000 Locate Tract

This data set contains 2000 Census Colorado State's household counts by gross rent as percent of household by census tract.

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2006-2010 ACS 5-Year Colorado Gross Rent As A Percentage Of Household Income In The Past 12 Months by Census Tract

date 2010 Locate Tract

This dataset contains 2006-2010 American Community Survey summary of Colorado renter-occupied housing units by census tract by renter costs cohorts which is the gross rent as a percentage of household income in the past 12 months.

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