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county namedistrict IDdistrict namenumber of class room suspensionsnumber of in school suspensionsnumber of out of school suspensionsnumber of expulsionsnumber of referrals to law enforcementnumber of other action takennumber habitually distruptiveunduplicated count of behaviroal referralsduplicated count of behavioral referralstotal number of PK-12 students in districtPercent of students with behaviroal referrals (unduplicated count divided by total students)
EAGLE0910EAGLE COUNTY RE 5009332275122033454965205.12
YUMA3210WRAY RD-201228000032407244.42
WELD3085EATON RE-2023311620496318372.67
EL PASO1120EDISON 54 JT0300000331911.57
LARIMER1570ESTES PARK R-307528110806712210966.11
LOGAN1850FRENCHMAN RE-33020010362031.48
FREMONT1150FREMONT RE-261188002309612814506.62
OTERO2540FOWLER R-4J0061000574091.22
LA PLATA1540IGNACIO 11 JT01741000048587636.29
KIT CARSON1460HI-PLAINS R-230080000881216.61