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county namedistrict IDdistrict namenumber of class room suspensionsnumber of in school suspensionsnumber of out of school suspensionsnumber of expulsionsnumber of referrals to law enforcementnumber of other action takennumber habitually distruptiveunduplicated count of behaviroal referralsduplicated count of behavioral referralstotal number of PK-12 students in districtPercent of students with behaviroal referrals (unduplicated count divided by total students)
GUNNISON1360GUNNISON WATERSHED RE1J8176417507510219343.88
EL PASO1070HANOVER 2806500309142513.59
MESA1990PLATEAU VALLEY 5002600209104502
EL PASO1010COLORADO SPRINGS 11019051582260913071326284044.6
EL PASO1050ELLICOTT 2201245023359047853895550.05
TELLER3010CRIPPLE CREEK-VICTOR RE-107204127026611337917.41
CROWLEY0770CROWLEY COUNTY RE-1-J0212000014144483.13
MESA1980DE BEQUE 49JT1211302300195814613.01
ARAPAHOE0170DEER TRAIL 26J122815000012551766.82