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county namedistrict IDdistrict namenumber of class room suspensionsnumber of in school suspensionsnumber of out of school suspensionsnumber of expulsionsnumber of referrals to law enforcementnumber of other action takennumber habitually distruptiveunduplicated count of behaviroal referralsduplicated count of behavioral referralstotal number of PK-12 students in districtPercent of students with behaviroal referrals (unduplicated count divided by total students)
LOGAN1860BUFFALO RE-4J0114050014203184.4
EL PASO1130MIAMI/YODER 60 JT084210013153074.23
EL PASO1080LEWIS-PALMER 380104142710018725462752.98
SAGUACHE2800MOFFAT 20430000571892.65
MOFFAT2020MOFFAT COUNTY RE:NO 143741028106611122412.95
RIO GRANDE2740MONTE VISTA C-8059220000618111285.41
MONTROSE2180MONTROSE COUNTY RE-1J21582624609813562001.58
SAN MIGUEL2840NORWOOD R-2J0270000792722.57
ROUTT2780SOUTH ROUTT RE 30125130112214072.95
WASHINGTON3050OTIS R-30510000662052.93