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GEOID10Place of WorkSexWorkers 16 Years and overWorkers 16 Years and over (Margin of Error)County
08069Worked outside county of residenceFemale8498513Larimer
08069Worked outside county of residenceMale14148789Larimer
08069Worked in county of residenceFemale597431062Larimer
08069Worked in county of residenceMale634141151Larimer
08069Worked outside state of residenceFemale728177Larimer
08069Worked outside state of residenceMale2143302Larimer
08069Worked in state of residenceFemale682411068Larimer
08069Worked in state of residenceMale775621175Larimer
08071Worked outside county of residenceFemale9044Las Animas
08071Worked outside county of residenceMale28099Las Animas