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GEOID10SexRaceUnder 5 yearsUnder 5 years (Margin of Error)5 to 9 years5 to 9 years (Margin of Error)10 to 14 years10 to 14 years (Margin of Error)15 to 17 years15 to 17 years (Margin of Error)18 and 19 years18 and 19 years (Margin of Error)20 to 24 years20 to 24 years (Margin of Error)25 to 29 years25 to 29 years (Margin of Error)30 to 34 years30 to 34 years (Margin of Error)35 to 44 years35 to 44 years (Margin of Error)45 to 54 years45 to 54 years (Margin of Error)55 to 64 years55 to 64 years (Margin of Error)65 to 74 years65 to 74 years (Margin of Error)75 to 84 years75 to 84 years (Margin of Error)85 years and over85 years and over (Margin of Error)
08071000800FemaleHispanic or Latino151414172828450123171811141113322518153725211446913
08071000800MaleHispanic or Latino101136292718181548456925186338231920173618660123
08071000800FemaleWhite not Hispanic or Latino31239118746422435344541138481614127331924486301053348231513
08071000800MaleWhite not Hispanic or Latino10047874164275625222236352123876615536172461093370243419108
08071000800FemaleTwo or More Races8124601230123012312120123101647570123111301230123
08071000800MaleTwo or More Races1115681616111201230123012358012381246012301230123
08071000800FemaleSome Other Race71014170123012301235891471001233501232301230123
08071000800MaleSome Other Race012332290123240123012301231817584601233501230123
08071000800FemaleNative Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander01230123012301230123012301230123012301230123012301230123
08071000800MaleNative Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander01230123012301230123012301230123012301230123012301230123